Crazy Astrological Shit, Revisited.

New moon in Aries today.

For me, personally, all of these blood moons and whatnot have been part of at least two years of gradual, but deep, almost geologic, emotional change within me. There has been a lot of conflict and pain involved, and much of it I’ve felt I cannot share with anyone.

But a new moon in Aries, two weeks out from Beltane, I’m hoping that these influences will help me in gaining confidence, optimism, motivation, and strength to face the challenges that are roiling ever closer to the surface. I’m certain that the next and final blood moon in September will bring with it some sort of resolution.

No matter how trite and cliché it sounds, it never ceases to be true, old things must crumble and decay for new things to take root.

But, I will be going to Denver tomorrow to check out the 4/20-weekend festivities at Civic Center Park. And, of course, you will get a full report upon my return. I’m going to go early in the day, as I am not particularly interested in their musical selections this year.   I’ve never gone to the free event at Civic Center before. Last year was pretty epic seeing Salmon play for $4.20 in front of Cervantes. This year, it’s Methodman.

As a long-time stoner, I can’t help but feel a little weary with all of this new hype surrounding 4/20. I think it’s great as a national day of action against Federal prohibition. But as just a day to smoke a whole bunch, I’m kind of over it. More on this in the coming days.



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