This blog exists for purely selfish reasons, because I wanted to combine everything I love in one big, gooey ball: writing, Cannabis, seeing live music, getting outside in beautiful places, and exploring this little rectangle of land we call Colorado.

I have lived in Colorado for a grand total of about 16 years spread out over the last 23. I’ve moved around a lot, but every time I’ve moved away from Colorado, I’ve ended up coming back. So, the last time I moved back, ten years ago, I figured I better just stay here.

Within the state, I’ve lived in little towns in the mountains and in front range cities. I’ve worked for ski resorts, property management companies, restaurants, the state government, and the federal government. One thing has been consistent throughout: I have always smoked weed. And most of my employers (and co-workers) have been none the wiser. If I’m doing my job right, it’s nobody’s damn business anyway, as far as I’m concerned.

I’m exceedingly proud that Colorado was the first state to legalize marijuana, and that I got to cast my vote for legalization in that historic election. But, I’m also exceedingly frustrated by how certain aspects of implementing the law have been handled, and by the prohibitionist backlash that has ensued after the fact. Therefore, part of the purpose of this blog is to advocate for rational regulation, regulation based on common sense instead of fear and prejudice. Another larger project of this blog is to challenge the ridiculous stereotypes of “stoners” that prevail in mainstream media and mainstream society. Sure, some of them may be somewhat accurate for some people, but many are viciously unfair.

Basically, I’m thinking of this as a sort of “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” but non-fictional and with weed. I’ll share my personal stories, “review” the dispensaries I go to (and, please, take the word “review” with several grains of salt,) describe my travels around the state and how I get away with smoking in places I’m not supposed to (and where you really probably should not even try,) confront controversies (many of which, in my mind, should not be controversial at all,) and try to paint a vivid picture of the unique stoner culture that exists in Colorado.

Whether you live here or are planning a visit, I hope that there will be something you can learn, or at least appreciate, from this very selfish venture of mine.

May your bowls always be dank and your joints always be fat!



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